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Armor: Victory in Europe!

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Relive the savage action of World War II's decisive armor battles in this fast-paced, tactical tank combat game that uses cards as playing pieces. With the right maneuvers and a bit of dice-rolling luck, gain the upper hand on the battlefield, blow your enemy's tanks to bits and declare victory!

In Armor: Victory in Europe!, you take on the role of a battlefield commander by deploying tanks, represented by cards, onto a tabletop battlefield. Move your tanks into assault position, avoiding obstacles and using cover to block enemy fire, and attack by rolling dice. The more powerful the tank's gun, the more dice you roll; the more accurate it is, the lower the number needed to score a hit. Overcome your opponent's armor to force him to draw damage cards - which can disable a tread, injure the crew, catch the vehicle on fire or cause it to explode outright!


  • Easy to Play - No books or combat charts, all critical information is on the cards themselves.
  • Quick Setup - Carry the game in a deck box, begin playing in minutes.
  • Low Cost - Few pieces to produce; no need to assemble, paint and transport expensive and delicate miniatures.
  • Historical Flavor - Tanks modeled on the strengths and weaknesses of their real counterparts.
  • Customizable - Play the included historic battles or create your own.
  • Expandable - Rich opportunity for themed expansion packs.


  • Gamers interested in action and tactical combat games.
  • Miniatures gamers wanting a casual game that doesn't require boxes of miniatures.
  • Wargamers looking for a break from their day-long hex-and-counter games.
  • Historical gamers looking to introduce new players to the hobby.

Age: 13+Players: 2+Time: 30-90 minutes

The base game includes all cards needed to play multiple scenarios from 3 wartime nations - US, Germany, and Russia:

  • 144 cards (tanks, stats, equipment, terrain, and reference cards)
  • 20 marker tokens
  • 5 ten-sided dice
  • Rules booklet

Future expansions will include other tanks from other nations and theaters of war.

Matt Puccio has worked in the PC and mobile video game industry with design credits on titles such as LEGO Universe and Auto Assault. Armor: Victory marks his first foray onto the tabletop game battlefield.

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